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Why Us?

Our Company Mission



By supplying and maintaining personnel of the highest quality and deliver a grade and range of services to our clients that will not be surpassed by anyone.


By providing employees with the continuity of work with safe work practicesto a wide range of industries.


Encouraging and developing trades and non-trades personnel to industry, big and small.


Provide a quality service that is safe, flexible, efficient, and reliable and value for money.

What Makes Us Different?
  • Proudly Australian Owned and Operated.


  • Personalised Face-to-Face Service, tailored to each client's needs. Focusing on each and every client’s individual needs.


  • One point of contact, making our clients’ life easier and stress free, knowing that your representative is empowered, to work towards achieving your desired requirements. Also saves time and money not having to repeat the same job assignment details over & over.


  • Sydney Labour has a flat management structure to obtain maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We are not top heavy like other organisations and are able to pass on these savings to our clients.


  • A dedicated team of diverse and multi-disciplined individuals that is hardworking as a team and ethically bound to honesty, integrity and plain old fashion service.


  • Sydney Labour is determined to make a difference in an increasingly competitive market place.


  • All our people are stringently screened, tested, interviewed, and thoroughly referenced checked prior to working for Sydney Labour or any of our valued clients. We continue this by constantly assessing our people and obtaining crucial feedback from all clients.

  • Easily adaptable to changes in industry Sydney Labour is a moderate size and we can respond quickly to assist clients with their changing environment. Our attitude and use of technology keeps us on the ball and at the forefront especially when communicating with our clients and informing them every step of the way.

  • We have a wide and culturally diverse work force to cater for our clients every day needs whether it is a day, a month, or a year. We can even cater for the duration of a special event or project.


  • Excellent administration allows ease of integration to work place and all rates allow for all statutory on cost. There are no hidden extras, we disclose all costs, making it easier for clients to budget and plan work accurately and effectively.


  • We are a proactive and responsive organisation, insisting on nothing but excellence from our staff and field employees. We are consistently striving to maintain this and improve it where possible. It is often the little things that we take the time to do that often makes the difference and hence make Sydney Labour so unique.


  • Our permanent placement service is designed to make employing permanents easier and more cost effective.


  • Sydney Labour is available 24 Hours, 7 days per week, 365 Days per Year


  • Through thorough knowledge and commitment to Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and Practices. We provide peace of mind to our employees and our clients in the way of safe guards we have built into our policies, procedures and our day-to-day practices, which in return protect our people, our clients and finally Sydney Labour.


  • We have a strong reputation of looking after our people and we are a company bound by ethics and righteousness. This has allowed us to obtain and continue to maintain Enterprise Bargain Agreements with the CFMEU. Our harmonious work relationship with the union movement is a milestone envied by other labour companies.


  • We guarantee all of the above. We do not just pay lip service to the above, we back up what we say and believe by offering our clients a satisfaction guarantee.